About our Giant Snow Globes


JBL Leisure Giant Snow Globe Sales & Hire

JBL Giant Snow globes are a unique attraction available to buy or hire during the ANY season and have proven to be a big hit since I invented and patented them back in 2007, for our new and our existing customers who are planning for Christmas, Seasonal and Winter Wonderland themed events/attractions.

We have a range of 8 different sizes and also the BRAND NEW EVENT GLOBE, this is designed for event companies and short term hire, as it sets up in 10 minuets, has a very special design in the base, same backdrop design, just faster set up and at a price that is amazing as it is fast to set up and take down.

JBL Giant Snow globe is the only one of a kind attraction and sure to get people talking about your event due to its uniqueness it brings people together during the all-seasonal periods.
Our Original concept was designed on the miniature snow globes that many people had fun shaking around to create the perfect snow falling around the objects inside the globes.
So JBL Leisure created the patented giant version that not only recreates the snow falling but allows you to be part of the scene inside! Guests enter the JBL Giant Snow Globe via entrance, and walk through our patented backdrop scene entrance.

Within our unique giant see through globe the snow moves around and the your guests become part of the backdrop scene inside.

As part of our amazing attraction staff can take a 6 x 8 photo housed within our bespoke photo mount frames. Enjoy the experience. Snow Globe Hire provides an ideal method for corporate businesses to engage on their Christmas/Holiday messages and with a JBL Bespoke Patented snow globe & branding on our backdrops through to photo branding available on photo mounts snow globe

JBL Winter Themed Attractions and Snow Sales & Globe Hire

JBL World famous for the invention of the Patented Snow globe.

The JBL Snow Globe also offer a number of very unique and bespoke winter themed attractions, if your looking for something different that can offer a “WoW” factor. JBL Have Giant Themed Fun Trains & Giant Themed Rocking Reindeer, JBL Giant Ski Slopes and Toboggan Slides, just a small example of our bespoke winter themed attractions exclusively available for hire from JBL Leisure.

Please visit see our videos section and attractions page to see our full range of unique themed attractions.

JBL Bespoke it’s what we invented and what we do best. We do it in 45 countries worldwide!

With more than 25 years experience in manufacture of bespoke and custom inflatable’s we work with the largest brands to provide one of a kind themed attractions. Our snow globe themed window displays are amazing we did these for “Top Shop” and Harrods; we also have one of the largest inflatable toboggan slides in the UK.

Contact JBL with your requirements and we will be very happy to provide you with our bespoke service from initial concept, drawings and producing your final product.

Patented Giant Snow Globe Manufacturer

If you’re looking to purchase a JBL patented Giant Snow Globe for your venue. Or you require a Custom Branded Snow Globe backdrop and custom skirt.

Or you are looking to purchase a giant snow globe to extend your winter product line for an existing corporate hire/event hire business.

Whatever the reason JBL Leisure can help. After all we did design and Patent the very first Giant Snow globe in 2007, just over 7 years ago we developed, designed and now built a large range of Snow Globes for a world wide client base in the UK, Europe, North America, Middle East, Far East, Russia, Canada, Japan, China, Barbados, the list is endless, see the videos and news pages, see why Harrods, Top Shop, TV & Film companies, many of the well known large brands, to many to list.

They all Trust JBL snow globes, our NEW Event Globe is the same very high UK manufactured quality as all our standard globes, these are used in many of the biggest shopping malls in the world, as our standard globes have very hard wear bases that last for many years, designed for high traffic footfall, they are for the serious user.

Our Event globes are fast and set up in 10 minuets, they have our world famous patented backdrop; you can change the theme in 5 minuets. All our snow globes are interchangeable; many of our clients have one or more of each design, for different use.

With our JBL branded Globe Snow JBL globes are the only original products on the market; with our patented telescopic safety pole, we manufacture to the very highest standards in the UK. Your next Snow globe investment is a wise choice with JBL.

You have the knowledge of a full Warranty. Only buy the real original giant snow globe, JBL have over 25 years experience in design and manufacturing. 

Our snow globes are copied by the others that came after our patented design was registered, they use inflatable bases, that are like bouncy castles, they may be very cheap, but they do not have the backdrop that you can walk through, and this is all part of the Snow globe experience.

All our products are that good that many other manufactures have and do use our product images to market and sell their own products, sites like Alibaba display many of our images.

JBL the Original Patented giant snow globe complete with JBL Globe Snow is only available from www.jblleisure.com and is covered by our UK Patent No. GB2457100 & European Registered design No. 000925078 - 0001, if you are unsure if the product you are looking to purchase is an original JBL Snow Globe product please contact us, and our staff will be happy to advise.

JBL Snow globe 9 models for all types of use:
• JBL Standard Snow globe
• JBL Mini Snow globe
• JBL Event Globe
• JBL Halloween Globe
• JBL Window Displays Globe
• JBL Super Globe “The Largest Globe in Europe”
• JBL Auto Globe – Cars/Moterbikes/Motor homes
• JBL Micro Globe - Product Displays
• JBL Bespoke/Custom Globes