About JBL Leisure Ltd


JBL Leisure was founded by Alistair Heelas, JBL Leisure is the Uk's leading corporate hire and bespoke manufacturer of Winter/Christmas themed attractions.

Since its formation, JBL have focused entirely on delivering high quality entertainment products to clients and its distributors.

Look at what we do..

About JBL Giant Snow Globe one of a kind attraction:
JBL Leisure Ltd are based in North Yorkshire, JBL designed, developed and patented the very First Giant Snow Globe in 2007. Our snow globe’s are inflated by using our patented and registered design structure as a result JBL Snow Globes are 100% safe, due to our hidden safety pole, unlike those that have copied our giant snow globes, as they are not allowed to use our Patented design, should there be a power cut, these globes would collapse the JBL giant globes do not, very important safety feature, we patented, like all great original designs, those that try and copy us FAIL.

We cater for all with sales, giant snow globe hire events from small day hire to long-term hire and can supply a number of different sized snow globes. We have many leading corporate hire company’s that we work with, we have agents in the UK, Europe, UAE, USA & Australia and are able to provide equipment world wide with fully trained staff and world wide support.

Winter Themed attarctions and SnowGlobe Hire

All JBL Snowglobes come with a full Warranty, and Health & Safety, Operations and set up manual, with on line set up [slow time framed videos].

• JBL Globes are fully insured and comply to all health and safety requirements:
• JBL Globes are manufactured in accordance with EN 14960, complies with BS: 5867:1980
• Manufactured to EN 71 – Toy Regulations
• JBL Snow Globes comply to EN ISO 2060 & 2062
• JBL: inflatable snow globes are tested annually by RPII & PIPA registered inspectors
• JBL Snow globes are fully insured with 10 million PLI
• JBL Globe Snow comply to BS 5852:1990 & is fire proof, non –allergic, non - carcinogenic
• All Fans & electrical equipment are PAT tested annually.

Become Part Of The JBL Family

Have you been inside a JBL Snow globe with your friends or family. Each visit to the JBL giant Snow Globe comes complete with an 8 × 6 high-resolution photograph, in one of our branded photo mounts.

All our sales or hire units come complete with high resolution Digital SLR’s cameras with onsite touch screen fast photo printing equipment that print very high resolution photos.

JBL Globe Snow

JBL Giant Snow Globe come with our world famous JBL Globe Snow, a world brand product. Its like having real snow, It floats around using our patented airflow system throw a handful, or let it blow around you and fall onto you, JBL snow globes come supplied with an auto snow system, so it snow inside.
Customer and guests love to pick up a handful to throw… just like real snow.

Make a Booking/Contact US

For all general inquiry please contact us, if you would like details for other equipment hire please provide us with your event requirements and dates a member of JBL staff will be happy to provide a you with a free quote.

You can also call us on:
+44 (0) 781 0874417
+44 (0) 1723 364786
We are open 24/7

Snow Globe Imitators

We are very aware some companies on Ali-baba are using JBL photos of our products they an attempt to pass off our product these are cheap imitations being manufactured in China. JBL Leisure Ltd is a UK company and our products are all manufactured in the UK.

IP Protection

Our Snow Globes are covered with a Patent No.GB2457100 and a European Registered Design No. 000925078.
© 2011 JBL Leisure Limited, all rights reserved. Snow globe® and the SnowGlobe® Logo and Brand are registered trademarks of JBL Leisure Ltd.

The Snowglobe carries a UK Patent Number GB2457100. Also a European Community Design Registration Number 000925078-0001 and International Patent application PCT/EP2009/051060, the JBL Snowglobe is made in England.

Mr. A. Heelas is the proprietor of UK Patent Number GB2457100 and EU Registered Design No. 000925078 and International Patent Application No.WO2009/098170, the Australian Design Registration - No 324277. Along with the Registered Trade Mark Snowglobe. Snowglobe is exclusively licensed by JBL Leisure.

Manufacture and/or importation, sale / hire of inflatable chambers made to the design shown in Patent GB2457100. EU Registered Design No. 000925078 or Australian Design Registration - No 324277 is an infringement of that registered design right.

The original and best the one and only JBL Snowglobe was featured on the Dragons Den other copy snow globes are cheap made, using a bouncy castle style inflatable base, as they are not allowed to use our patented or registered designs or safety systems.

These giant snow globes are not very stable, and look cheap, as they do not use high quality PVC material. Take a look at the rest and then take a look at the real Snow globe, ours looks like glass. Its crystal clear, the others look created like poor quality polythene.

Only buy the BEST, full Warranty Provided.