BE AWARE of companys passing off similar products that are the JBL Original Snowglobe
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It has been made aware to JBL Leisure Ltd that some people have been passing their products off as the original snow globe when in-fact this is incorrect. JBL Leisure Ltd was the first to create the first inflatable snow globe and as a result we have protected our design with an European Design Registration and patents along with Registered Trade Marks.

If you look at the dates on our patents and deign registrations it is clear to see they were registered before any of the copy snowglobes. JBL Leisure introduced the origonal Snowglobe in 2007, other companys who's companies are not even listed as regitered companies untill 2010! so beware of this, as our snowglobes are British Manufacture, and of a very high qualilty.

Do not relate our product to any product similar with the word Giant in front of it. As our's has a safety pole and a solid base, not like these bouncy castle type snowglobes.

A. Heelas

Managing Director
JBL Leisure