Ski Lodge
grotto 002

Photobooths have becom more popular every year however no one wants to stand inside a tiny and cramped booth so JBL introduced five years ago The Ski Lodge.

Our attraction is a fully functional photobooth the guests step inside the winter ski themed log cabin and make a pose for a photo, as the guests are inside snow begins to fall down around to complete the ski lodge theme. Our Ski Lodge is the best one of its kind!

all guests receive a souvenir photo to share with friends of this one of a kind experience in a commemorative folder or frame. 

Again a JBL Leisure first the Ski Lodge, copied by many but our innovation, you will find other companies trying to make statements as being the first but JBL have been trading as a Ltd company for nearley 10 years, but beware [many other companies make claims of long trading but they have only been trading for a couple of years] ! as you know we also invented, patented & secured the design rights for the original and best snowglobe.  Ours has the backdrop, no one else can use this amazing design as JBL invented it and patented it for your pleasure.

Dont use the cheap copys with the bouncy castle bases and thin PVC they dont look good they can also collapse as they don't have our patented safety pole so if there is a power cut our snowglobe is 100% safe.

Your customers deserve the real thing ! use the original JBL products.